Die litauischen Pilger

aus dem Bistum Kaunas mit einem Rückblick auf das Altenberger Licht 2016

und einem Gruß aus dem Bistum Vilnius

Dear friends!

In a preparation process for Divine Mercy congress in Vilnius we found a minute to stop and to write for all of You! We don't have all organisation team of the Light of Altenberg emails, but we hope You will say it for all for them!


We wish you all peace in the last preparation works for the Light of Altenberg and also great time with all the people that soon will meet all together to talk about this year topic! We really loved it! Let the sun shines and no rain comes! And let the Light of Altenberg fullfill your hearts with lots of joy and love and also reminds of Gods Divine Mercy in this special Divine Mercy year! I really love pope Francis words and I would like to finish this letter with it:


„Let us allow God to surprise us“


Best wishes from Vilnius!

Gintarė and Vilnius Archdiocese Youth Center Team